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  1. In the context of "especially of a plant": Acid-loving, thriving in acidic conditions.
  2. acidic, acid-based
    Camellias thrive when fed with an ericaceous fertiliser.
  3. Of or pertaining to the heath family (Ericaceae)

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The plant family Ericaceae (also called the heath family or ericaceous plants) are mostly lime-hating or calcifuge plants that thrive in acid soils. Many well-known plants of the Ericaceae live in temperate climates, such as cranberry, blueberry, heath, heather, huckleberry, azalea and rhododendron. However, the family also contains many tropical species.
The Ericaceae family consists of herbs, shrubs and trees with leaves that are alternate, simple and estipulate. Plants in this family are synoecious. Flowers in the family show considerable variability. The corollas are often sympetalous with shapes ranging from narrowly tubular to funnelform or widely bowl-shaped. The corollas are often actinomorhpic but flowers in the genus Rhododendron have flowers that are often zygomorphic.
Recent genetic research by the Angiosperm Phylogeny Group has resulted in the inclusion of the formerly recognised families Empetraceae, Epacridaceae, Monotropaceae, Prionotaceae and Pyrolaceae into Ericaceae. Most Ericaceae, except Monotropaceae, Prionotaceae and Pyrolaceae form ericoid mycorrhiza. This symbiotic relationship is considered crucial to the success of members of the family in edaphically stressful environments worldwide (Cairney and Meharg, 2003).



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